Friday, 29 June 2018


Proms are a relatively new phenomenon in the UK, a product of the American influence of TV and films. Prior to 2000 you might be lucky to have a bit of a school disco to mark the end of your school life. I didn't get anything - I remember just walking out of school after my last exam, never to return.

Both my daughters have had the privilege of the prom experience.

Yesterday it was the turn of my youngest daughter, the date coincidently was exactly 6 years to the day after my eldest daughter's prom.

My Eldest Daughter - 6 Years Ago
The day started at a modest time, my function was driver and gopher. Morticia has to take so much credit for getting to the day, she organised so much and sorted out so much of the logistics. The hair, the make-up, the dress and finally the car (which Morticia scored a blinder by finding a local guy with a beautiful car who did us a great deal) can together without issue.

There's not much more I can say except to share a few memories of the day.

Rags in her finest
Rags and her best friend on the way to Prom
She had a great time and hopefully made some great memories. We left them to it and stayed with Rags' friend's parents for drinks in their garden. Our eldest managed to get pissed on bourbon whilst Morticia enjoyed a generous amount of wine (I stuck to Pepsi Max) and the day actually finally came to a close by about 3am.

All in all I'm left feeling extremely proud, I have two beautiful daughters and have been privileged to see them both be princesses for a day.

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