Monday 18 November 2013

1311.18 DIS-ARMED

If you know me on social media platforms then you'll know what happened to me last week. Wednesday morning I was all set to set off on my cycle to work at 07:00 when I noticed that the back tyre was flat. I sent a text to my supervisor at work just to inform him that I was going to be late. I fixed the flat and gave the bike a once over before setting off.

I only got as far as the main road 'round the corner when, whilst stationery, giving way to traffic I was hit from behind by a car. The bike was totalled and I was left with severe pain in my right arm. I called work to let them know of my further delay and got myself to A & E.

When I got to the reception desk I could feel the effects of shock kicking in, I struggled with some of my personal details (I couldn't for the life of me remember my post code). I'm not sure how long I was there for but following an x-ray, consultation, plaster cast, further x-ray, I was allowed home but asked to return the next day. My arm / wrist was broken.

My consultation the next day revealed the extent of the damage and the possibility of surgery. I was told to expect a phone call the next day inviting me in for a CT scan and was also asked to go 'nil by mouth' in case I needed surgery that afternoon.

Next day I had the CT scan and sent home.

A phone call from the hospital that afternoon, I was asked to come in to hospital on Sunday morning to speak to the surgeon with a view to having the operation later that day. I got into hospital and was given a bed, I even got to speak to the surgeon. Unfortunately I was sent home with a view to getting surgery either Tuesday or Thursday.

It's now Monday night and tomorrow I must go 'nil by mouth' for a fourth time whilst I wait for a phone call.

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chocolat lover said...

gosh poor you...

...hopefully the hospital will get you in today to sort out your arm,,,