Friday, 6 May 2016


So my birthday is over for another year. I worked a day shift which was horrendous. Seriously it should be compulsory to get the day off - really it should be law!

I had no plans for the evening, except Morticia baked me a minced beef pasty (a favourite). I don't drink much but I do enjoy the odd ale, I have a small stash which I dipped into and enjoyed a Brains SA (to remind me of my favourite place in the world).

My gifts included pants, socks, a Kelo Ren glass, assorted chocolate and Sea Monkeys (I'm sure I'll be talking about them in the future).

Morticia's birthday is the day after mine, she is so much more popular than me, her cards outnumber mine threefold. We went to a local carvery as a family for a combined birthday treat.

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