Sunday, 22 May 2016


You wait years for a Star Trek trailer then you get two. This time it's for the next 'reboot' movie "Star Trek Beyond". I've always had mixed feelings about this movie, mainly because of the last one which was on it's own a good sci fi action pic but as a Star Trek movie, an abomination. But let's look forward. I'm trusting Simon Pegg with this one (he's co-wrote this installment) as he has gone on record as a Star Trek Fan. 

So having watched this I have to say I'm a little more excited than worried. It looks that it may be going back to the roots of Star Trek whist still feeding the casual fan with action. I still believe that Star Trek belongs on TV, that's it's home and I'm glad it's returning there (see last post). Having said that I'll be at the cinema watching this on it's release. After all it can't be worse than "Into Darkness" can it?

Oh, and is that an NX class starship at the end?

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