Sunday 8 May 2016

1605.07 THE STAG

Today it was planned that Morticia and I would be enjoying a meal for 2 in a nice restaurant somewhere. Then I found out this was the date set for my friend's stag do.

I've not been on many stag nights in the past, that's what comes of having a small circle of friends. I organised my best mate's years ago when I served as his best man. It was a difficult one as he kept cancelling so it ended up just being some drinks in town followed by a curry. My stag do was better (at least it had a stripper!). All this was many years ago, now the last of my group of friends is getting married and it's time to give him a 'send off'.

As a night out it was a good night. But was it a good stag? I suppose that's not for me to say, maybe that is the option of the stag? However this is my blog not his so my opinion is that it was too be considered a poor stag, at least until the point where I left it. Maybe after that they got to a strip club, maybe the stag is still taped naked to a lamppost somewhere just off Division Street? Somehow I do doubt it (I've asked for an update).

An impression of how the night
should have progressed
The problem in the first part was the numbers. There were a total of 3 participants (a 4th arrived late on just as I left). Having said that it was a good night.

I left to catch the last bus (23:50) which was the usual zoo of great unwashed. I was been stared at creepily by an Asian guy (who was either high on some substance or maybe suffering from a mental illness) and listening to the xenophobic views of a couple of drunk guys loudly discussing the Europe exit and immigration policy.

For the record it was a good night with good friends. 

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