Saturday 14 May 2016

1605.14 TOP TELLY PART 1

I used to do this years ago so here's a look at my current telly choice. This is not a review, it's more of a snapshot into what is on my telly at the moment. 

Arrow, Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow
I grouped these together because they all are interconnected. Arrow I feel has lost some of it's darkness but is still compelling. The Flash, I feel,  is the strongest of the group and is proper 'comic book' action. Legends of Tomorrow was the latest offering and most anticipated. Sadly though it's the most disappointing so far. I'm hoping it pulls it's socks up ready for season 2 (confirmed).

In the same vein as the Arrow/Flash shows (they even inhabit the same DC universe) this is a hero show supported by an ensemble support team. So far it's entertaining but not as gripping as it's siblings (season 2 confirmed)

The Simpsons
What's can I say about the Simpsons? Homer is a God amongst yellow men. Long may it run.

A Netflix exclusive show which does a great job of reinventing the blind hero after an abysmal movie adaptation. Dark, violent and moody - a superhero show for grown ups. Currently enjoying season 2.

Better Call Saul
Another Netflix exclusive and Breaking Bad prequel that's compelling to watch. Has the same BB feel whilst still being completely different. Just cracking through season 2.

A sequel to the movie of the same name, this amusing drama is easy and enjoyable to watch (season 2 not confirmed). It'll be a shame if it gets cancelled. 

A Stephen King standalone miniseries about a time traveller who has to prevent the assassination of JFK. I'm almost at the end, so far this is an amazing story. The only show on TV that I watch on transmission day.

Bates Motel
A slow burner up to now but as Norman Bates gets more crazy the better it becomes. I feel the best is yet to come. 

Blue Bloods
Staple easy watching NYPD police drama about a family who all work in law enforcement.

This is just a small look at what I'm watching on TV at the moment. There is more which I'll share in a second post soon.