Thursday 1 September 2016

1609.01 DOCTOR WHAT?

As I mentioned in my holiday post I managed to get myself an ear infection whilst swimming in the sea during my stay in Wales this year. The discomfort soon went away after a few days but I'd been left with a reduction in my hearing in my right ear.

It was starting to clear up but it got to a point it just wasn't getting any better. I thought I'd better go and see my doctor. Getting an appointment can be difficult, you have to ring at 8:30am and try and get through to the receptionist before she hands out all the appointments to the local hypochondriacs. I managed to get through and got an appointment that was before I had to go to work.

I don't visit the doctor often, something Dr Patel mentioned as he scanned my notes on his computer. He had a look in my ears with the thingy for looking down people's ear holes. Nothing to worry about, the infection had cleared up and left a load of wax behind so I'd need to get an appointment with the ear clinic to get them syringed.

While I was seeing the doctor he noted that because I was over 40 I should had had an 'over 40s check up'. I reluctantly agreed to this.

So I get my ears syringed in 12 days (earliest appointment they had) and I get my full health check just 2 days before I'm supposed to be cycling up Holme Moss. Until then I'll just have to put up with not being able to hear properly, at least it's only temporary. 

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