Thursday 8 September 2016


If you didn't know already I'm a big Star Trek fan (even my blog posts are proceeded with a stardate). On this day fifty years ago the Original Series episode "Man Trap" was first broadcast in America, the first episode ever broadcast.

Star Trek is one of those shows that has always been in my life. The show was not shown in the UK until 1969 and ran through my birth to the end of 1971. It was subsequently rerun throughout the 70s and 80s. Throughout all of my life there has never been a time that Star Trek hasn't been on.

As a child I played with a toy Starship Enterprise and dreamed that I was Captain Kirk. I read the books and comics, magazines and fan fiction. My nickname at school was Captain Kirt - something I would keep for my online presence.

Then when I was 16 The Next Generation came on and new episodes just kept on coming. Deep Space 9, Voyager, Enterprise plus the movies. When I was 21 my parents had a Star Trek ring custom made. I still wear it today, it's commented on by strangers regularly. When I got to 30 I had my 'moment of madness'  and had the symbol of the Klingon Empire tattooed to my arm (I'm immensely proud if it).
How I wear my fan devotion 
I've been privileged to meet many of the cast over the years (and collect their autographs) including William Shatner and the late Leonard Nimoy.
My encounters with some of the actors of Star Trek 
Today there is barely a week that passes where I don't watch some iteration. My ringtone is the theme to 'The Motion Picture' and my dressing gown is a Captain Kirk one.

What I'm trying to say is that Star Trek has always been part of my life and whilst it doesn't define me, it's very important to me. Since its Star Trek's 50th birthday I'd like to say a massive thank you to all those who fed a little boy's imagination and continued to entertain him into middle age. 

Live long and prosper.

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