Tuesday, 13 September 2016

1609.13 EAR SPA

I've never had my ears syringed before so at my appointment yesterday I was a little nervous. I was also excited at the prospect of having my hearing restored (you might remember my hearing loss on my holiday).

My nurse was Jodie who put me at ease and explained the whole process. The loss of hearing was like having a speaker on full blast with nothing connected - I could hear the sound of the air rushing through (all the time).

I have to say it was having a jacuzzi in my ear!

The warm water flushed out a candle sized lump out and suddenly my hearing returned, it was like having the sound un-muted. It was a little inflamed in there so Jodie put a bit of cream. I have a repeat appointment to check on it in a few weeks.

When I stepped outside it was like hearing full on THX stereo sound, I was in awe! I then felt for all those poor people who suffer with hearing loss.

I'm left with a little bit of earache but I can hear the world properly again.

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