Tuesday 6 September 2016

1609.05 A GOOD DAY

I can safely say that Sunday was a good day.

I've been disappointed by my cycling this year so I was kind of apprehensive about going on a hilly club ride. I almost went on the novice ride because of my lack of confidence in my ability. I might have done that if I didn't have a particularly hilly sportif coming up in a couple of weeks and I needed the training. I'm glad I went along, I was a bit slow on the climbs but there wasn't anything I couldn't manage. In fact I loved it, I've missed this type of ride.
Me with the lads up on Green Moor
I got back home just after lunch time and suggested that we go out for food. Morticia and Rags were up for the idea so we drove out (after I'd showered and changed) to Bakewell and enjoyed a pub meal in the Red Lion. Afterwards we were treated to an aerobatic display by the Red Arrows (who were actually performing for the nearby Chatsworth Country Fair).
Red Arrows in formation 
After feeding the ducks and the fish in the river we left Bakewell. On the way home we dropped into the Strines Inn, a 16th century establishment (the building actually dates back to the 13th century) where Morticia used to work many years ago. It's also haunted.
Morticia got chatting to the barman and mentioned the ghostly goings on when she used to work there. He was very interested in her take on the building and they shared stories as I just listened in. Rags was taking in all the curios and pictures on the walls. By this time (it wasn't particularly late but it had gone dark) the pub was empty except for us and the barman offered a tour of the upstairs rooms (it is after all an inn in every sense). I declined and let them go off. It was then I realised I was alone in the bar of a haunted building!
Inside the Strines Inn
We came away having had a great afternoon out, for me the whole day was great.

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