Saturday 31 December 2016

1612.31 THE END

As year draws to a close many reflect on the events of the year. Some say that 2016 has been a really bad year and in many respects. Political upheaval, celebrity deaths as well as the usual war and terror. It's difficult not to say it's been a bad year. 
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But has it all been bad? Of course not. Let's look at some of the highlights :
  • Ebola vaccine developed. 
  • Team GB have their most successful games in this year's Olympics and Paralympics in Rio. 
  • A solar plane circumnavigated the world. 
  • Giant pandas are no longer endangered (that ones for my eldest, she loves pandas). 
  • The ozone layer is repairing itself. 
  • Wild wolves are reintroduced to Europe (not sure I'm good with that one). 

And of course this list is not exhaustive. There's been plenty of good this year. 

Back to the real world, my real world. I was lucky to have so much time off again this year, time off I spent with Morticia and my two daughters (not forgetting our cat, Angel). Christmas was good with a few visitors calling to help us celebrate. Sadly we received no invitations to visit anyone so we pretty much stayed at home throughout the festive period. 

The only time we ventured out was on Thursday when we popped over to Matlock Bath for a little walk and something to eat. 
Matlock Bath, Peak District 
Although this year is being demonised for so much I have to say it's not been as bad for me. I've been to Wales twice, my family have been reunited at Christmas and I have refound my love of my humble blog. It was only March when I was asking where the bloggers were, today I'm awash with blogs to read and new friends to converse with. The community is alive and well. 

Yesterday I returned to work, only for 2 shifts though. Today I finished work early so the family could drive south to St Neots where Morticia's mother lives. The drive was uneventful and not foggy as forecast.

It's here we are going to celebrate the passing of the year. I hope your glass is full ready... 


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