Wednesday 4 October 2017


Being a parent is a job for life. Sure the sleepless nights are over pretty quick, in fact the whole childhood part is over pretty quick so if you've got little ones make sure you're savouring it all.
I have 2 daughters. If you've been paying attention you'll have seen that the oldest was 21 earlier this year. Well it's the baby of the family's turn for a milestone birthday today. Rags is 16.
My youngest 
I'm going to say that again and hope I can process it... Rags is sixteen! How the hell did this happen? One minute I'm the dad to 2 little girls and the next they're all grown up!

I'm proud of my youngest, she's beautiful inside and out with the biggest heart in the world. She works hard to achieve and I believe she'll be able to achieve anything she sets her mind to. I know this year at school is proving to be a stressful one and she's finding some aspects challenging but I know that no matter what she'll get to where she wants to go.
She'll even share her chips! 
Back when she was little she used to tell us she was an alien that had come to live with us and she had a third eye in the middle of her forehead (that she kept closed). She also had a spider (who she called "fluffy spider") living in her stomach and he would tell her what he would like to eat, and of course not to eat!

I know from experience that I'm not done parenting by any means. I know that my job as a parent will never be done and I'm glad for that. My girls are my world and this one has reached the jumping off point for the rest of her life. She's not quite an adult but no longer a child.
I'm a proud father 
Happy 16th birthday my sweetheart. Enjoy your day and don't worry, I'll alway be here to hold your hand. 

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