Sunday 8 October 2017


It's been over 20 years in the making. People have actively campaigned for this to happen. Well the wait was finally over as Sheffield welcomed Ikea to the city last week as the Swedish store opened it's doors to it's 20th UK premises. 

I've only been to an Ikea once before about 20+ years ago, the one near Leeds. I know plenty of people that have been happy to travel miles to visit an Ikea but I'm definitely not one of them. So now they've come to me!

The building is a mammoth blue and yellow box that you can just about see from my house. It's enormous! They've apparently invested in road improvements to try and alleviate the anticipated congestion the store will inevitably bring to the area. Having said that it does appear that they haven't taken the opportunity to put in any cycling infrastructure on what is a busy main artiary from Rotherham to Sheffield. 

The opening day was on the 28th September (last week) and was absolutely rammed to capacity with people desperate to be one of the first through the doors.
Picture: ITV news
I did have cause to visit on the opening week even though I vowed to give it a wide berth during opening week. I work nearby so I decided to relive one enduring memory I had from my only visit years ago...

Yes I had to see if the meatballs were as good as I had remembered them. They were delicious and I'm sure I'll be back for another helping soon.

Morticia has been desperately nagging at me to take her, she's been so excited about the store opening and was extremely jealous that I'd visited before her. So on Thursday I took her down for a brief look around. I have to say that I'm not a fan of shopping but I did enjoy my visit. We only went to look but we ended up buying some some drinking glasses.

I think I'll be a regular customer here, I like it.

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