Sunday, 29 October 2017


Time to relax is important. It's just as important to relax your mind as well as your body. That was the plan anyway this weekend gone.

This time last year we were visiting friends of ours in Wales, unfortunately we can't this time because Rags has some exam commitments but we haven't visited Morticia's mum in a long while so we thought we'd take advantage of my weekend off and pop down to the Cambridgeshire town of St Neots.

We drove down on Thursday evening thinking that everything would be fairly quiet. What we didn't expect was the road closures. The A1 was first closed southbound at Grantham and we were sent on a massive detour which took us through Melton Mowbray (the pork pie town). Just as we thought we were moving again we came across a second closure, again on the A1 southbound, this time at the junction with the A14 to Cambridge. Instead of a 2 hour trip it took us 3 hours.

I spent most of the weekend doodling (I have a couple of commissions) and visiting the town centre. I know the town well and always enjoy my visits. Nothing much happened except the process of emptying my mind of the stresses and hassles that convolute my life. A well needed break.

The journey home this afternoon (Sunday) seemed to last forever despite there being no delays or road closures. I'm home now and so glad to have my own seat on the settee with my remote control by my side.

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