Saturday, 21 October 2017

1710.21 SICK-EE

I haven't been sick for a while. It's been even longer since sickness forced me off work.

I worked last weekend and that's where it started. I wasn't feeling great and I thought a cold was about to overwhelm me. Monday and Tuesday were my days off and it became quite apparent that this wasn't just a cold. My limbs ached, my eyes were on fire as well all the usual cold/flu symptoms.

On Wednesday it was clear that I wasn't going to be fit enough to go to work, I could barely stand up. The fact that I'm sick hasn't stopped my work phone from ringing. I ended up having to turn it off. I suppose it's good to be indispensable? (I wish)

Well now it's Saturday now and whilst I feel somewhat better I'm still not operating at 100%. I have until Monday afternoon to flush this lurg out of my system.

As a side note and as part of my crystal anniversary I thought I'd share a note about this post's cartoon. It's an evolution from my very first cartoon which was 10 years ago. I did update it 5 years ago to fit the cartoons of the time. Today again I've taken the same basic illustration and redrawn it to fit my current style.

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