Monday, 16 April 2018


I watch local news a lot. I like to be informed about what's happening around me. But local news has an annoying habit.

I live in Yorkshire in the UK so my local television news comes from the BBC's "Look North" programme (my preferred option) or ITV's "Calendar". Both are Leeds based and are notoriously Leedscentric in their coverage which annoys me immensely.

What's more annoying though is after a news story or political event they always choose to 'interview' the 'person in the street' and get some opinion. Now I don't know if it's the time of day that they go out or just the type of person they attract but the people who end up on camera seem to be the most stupid, inarticulate, moronic individuals that they can find. There's usually a racist in the mix and most struggle with the question being asked. It's like real life Facebook! 

I'm not sure what's to be gained in asking these people for opinion other than filling in time to pad out what is usually a few important stories followed by loads of drivel. I would be interested in peoples' opinions if the people asked were a truer representation of society. But I guess it's hard to get a true cross-section at 11:20am on a Thursday isn't it? 

So the best option is to either catch the shorter bulletins or just watch the first 10 minutes. That way you get to miss the old bloke with 3 teeth going on about how there's too much immigration when asked his opinion on traffic levels. But that's MY opinion .

This is CaptainKirt, News at Ten, amongst the great unwashed. Back to the studio. 

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