Monday 2 April 2018

1804.02 IT'S EASTER!

It's that time of year when we celebrate the rebirth, when colour returns to the land and new life starts to appear everywhere. When we crawl out of our holes to embrace the great outdoors - it's Easter.

Now I'm not a religious man but Easter belongs to us all (as does Christmas) as it predates the modern religious celebration. It's a celebration that means we survived the winter and we can get ready to enjoy the world once again.

The winter has meant that aside from commuting, I've not been cycling at all over the long cold snap. In fact I don't think I've been out for a ride since last year and I feel really bad about it. Half the problem is that I don't like taking my good bike out in the bad weather. I do have an old bike that I could try and winterise for next year be that might be a challenge. Thankfully now a have many months to ponder the issue as I should be able to get out in the improving weather.

This Easter, like many before it, we are visiting Morticia's mother in St Neots (near Cambridge) and like many times before I'm wishing I could get a bike down here, I don't have the means to transport my bike with the car at the moment but I'd love to do it one day. It's pretty flat down here but I'd love to explore one day. We aren't stopping long this time as demand from work at the moment are pretty high and I haven't been able to secure much time off. We arrived yesterday and we return home tonight.

In the mean time enjoy your chocolate eggs, in moderation of course - and if you're not working enjoy your time off.

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