Thursday, 5 April 2018


At the weekend I picked up an 'irritation' on my chest which meant I was coughing a little. Today, after just a few days I'm in the grip of a full blown cold. 

We all get colds from time to time which we suffer through to the other side but the problem is modern life means that getting over it is made as difficult as possible for most people. 

Most places of work discourage sickness absence and penalise those that have excessive time off. I know this is to catch out those that use sickness leave as free holidays but the knock on effect is when you are genuinely ill you feel obliged to get your poorly arse into work and thereby spread the illness with your colleagues. 

The fastest and best way to get better would be to stay in bed for a few days and eat soup. Shame the modern world doesn't allow it. 

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