Sunday, 4 January 2009

0901.04 AND WE'RE OFF

Since New Year's Eve I've been at my Mother-in-Law's. It's always nice to get away and I'm lucky enough to have a good Mother-in-Law. I've spent most of my time piggy backing my phone's internet onto my host's WiFi. Tomorrow we return home and the next day I'm back at work again. Everything returns to normal and the silly season is officially over.

Whilst posting my previous entry my blog 'broke'. I got a connection time out error which, according to all the forums I've researched, is the kiss of death for ftp hosted blogger accounts. I've decided not to kill myself over it and to take advantage of a fresh start. I'm going to rebuild a new blog in the old one's image, this time hosted on Blogger (it seems less problematic that way).

If you're reading this then it's worked.


The blog published fine this morning (0901.05), I can only assume some outage on either my webspace provider or blogger. Business as usual then.

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