Monday 5 January 2009


Saturday saw the announcement that Matt Smith will be cast in the role of Doctor Who when the series returns proper in 2010. The country could be heard saying "who's he?", myself included.

My initial reaction was NO NO NO NO NO NO, this is just a boy, how can he be Doctor Who. At 26 he will be the youngest Doctor ever.

I've let the dust settle and looked at this young guy, mmmm, maybe he can pull it off. He's kind of odd looking, he has a very angular face with an almost alien presence. As for the age thing, well it still bothers me (a little) but he'll be 27 when the show hits our TVs, that's only 2 years younger than Peter Davidson when he took on the role.

I suppose it had to come, a Doctor that is younger than me (David Tennant is 1 month older). Well, I'm willing to give the kid a chance, let's see what he can do, I doubt the powers at BBC Wales would take a huge risk on their biggest show.


James (UK) said...

I've tried and tried and tried... and I still can't get to grips with this "new" Dr. Who... :-(

Give me Tom Baker any day...

The Famulus said...

I'm with James, Tom Baker or nothing. The mordern Daleks do seem to be a little better constructed than the old ones, but less scary even so.

My kids love Dr Who but without Tom Baker I just can't take it seriously! ;-)

The Captain said...

I was a Peter Davidson kid myself, still enjoy the new ones. It's the only tv we watch together as a family.

TimanfayAir said...

Tom Baker, Christopher Ecclestone.
Stuff Davidson, he turned me off.

James (UK) said...

Captain, that's an interesting point, as that's not the first time I've heard people say "we all sit down for Dr.Who" etc.

And the "Peter Davidson kid" comment sums it up perfectly; we all tend to like the Doctor we grew up watching.

Personally, I thought Peter Davidson was OK. He ranks thus for me in my "Top Doc" chart;

1. Tom Baker
2. Jon Pertwee
2. Patrick Troughton
3. Peter Davidson
4. Colin Baker
5. William Hartnell

...with the others not even worth the effort of rating to me.