Saturday, 17 January 2009


This week has been a funny weather week, I can still hear everyone going "it's global warming!". If that's the case, why has it been so bloody cold?

When I say cold, I mean cold for the UK. -11 was the lowest I believe (for the Americans, that's in Centigrade). People complain about the cold but I read about my friends across the pond who are practically skating to work every day and not whinging about it, I guess it's the British condition.

Luckily I've not had any nasty encounters with the ice and I've managed (so far, touch wood) to stay on 2 wheels and both feet. I have to say that I'm not a fan of frost or ice, I'd rather have snow, snow is fun and causes chaos within minutes of falling.
Changing the subject entirely; has anyone seen the new PG Tips ad? Genius and an excellent tribute the the Morecambe & Wise breakfast/stripper sketch.

If you haven't seen the PG ad, click here, and for those young enough not to remember the original - see below.


James (UK) said...

Yes, the ad. is good, but it's a shame that they couldn't come up with something more "original" though...

What always makes me cringe is the way over here, we react to one tiny inch of snow with total chaos and pandemonium, yet places like Russia seem to cope fine with feet of the stuff every year!

TimanfayAir said...

Snow, whats snow? Cold, too right it´s been only 14C last night!!!!!
Bloody Hell!

The Captain said...

The equator in nearer to you than me. Wait till global warming really takes a hold, you'll be fried!