Tuesday, 20 January 2009


My TV stopped working at the weekend, after 4+ years of service it decided to expire, emitted a squeal and burning smell and died.

We are now forced to sit around a 14" portable from the bedroom.

There was a time when this could have been acceptable, but these days it's a struggle. TVs get bigger and bigger with better sound and picture and with it so do our viewing expectations.

The problem I now have is replacing it. I haven't got the £300+ to buy a new one, renting is extortionate and cheap CRTs are none existent (not that I fancy another one anyway).

I'm gonna look for a buy now pay later deal. As someone wise once told me, "never do today what you can put off until tomorrow".



if we had been closer i would have bunged you my shed tv. buy now pay later sounds ok though. i watch dvds though you would laugh at the size of the screen. i think you adapt. if you stick with the portable for a while longer whatever you do get will seem cinematic.

James (UK) said...

One wonders, given the noise you describe, if a gerbil had got into the back of the set and chewed through something that... er... "disagreed" with him somewhat!

Makes you wonder how we all coped when TVs were just this size...

How about the local paper "free ads" or eBay as a possible source?

I also heard a wise man once say;

"You don't buy a dog, then crap on the carpet yourself"

The Captain said...

A replacement will be a little time off so it'll defiantly look cinematic when it arrives. If a gerbil caused the problem then it probably perished at the time.