Thursday 1 January 2009

0901.01 NEW YEAR

While the previous year is still fresh in my mind (and without looking back through my posts) I thought I'd look back over what has happened in my hum drum little life.

The biggest deal this year has probably been the lack of recovery of my Morticia from her illness (which is once again becoming a big mystery). It's probably the hardest challenge I've ever faced. Luckily I've got a fairly decent support network and a supportive employer. I've got bigger challenges to face with this coming year.
Work's still good, the buses seems so far in the distant past now. I've done some good work and have respect from my bosses and colleagues and have good friends. I've pushed for advancement and I'm confident that I'm going to push the envelope this year.

I upgraded my mobile late in 2007 from a Nokia N80 to an LG Viewty. It became apparent that me and the upgrade were not getting on. I made a decision to ditch the LG (which I ended up giving to my daughter) and go back to my N80. Since going back I've dropped it down a toilet and into a glass of beer. Both times the device has survived. It is proving to be the best phone I've ever owned. This year I'll be upgrading again, I can't see me straying far from the Nokia store.

2008 is probably the year of Facebook. I'm certainly not going to complain, so far I've managed to get back in touch with so many old friends, old school friends, work colleagues, people from my past who I thought were long forgotten. My Twitter usage has also gone through the roof with the help of mobile internet.

Probably the highlight of my year was my trip to Wales. I love the place, it's become an annual pilgrimage. I'll be back again this year.

The biggest deal for me this year has been my cycling. I've cycled for years, 2007 I was lucky enough to get paid for cycling, something that has continued in 2008. Last year I moved my personal cycling up a notch with my purchase of my new bike. Altogether I've spent over £800 on my hobby. Not a lot in some cyclists' eyes (some indeed may sneer) but on my budget it's quite a sum. Next year they'll be more of the same, cycling is time for me, something I can't get doing anything else.

We also said goodbye to the Tinsley Towers...RIP.

2008 has been a difficult year. Increasing prices and family issues have made it hard going. I have high hopes for 2009, I have a good feeling about this one, it's going to be a good year...

...HAPPY 2009 to all my friends, family and followers!

Things to look forward too: More cycling, holiday in Wales, Our 10th wedding anniversary, the new Star Trek movie. Finally, do I have any resolutions? Haven't thought of anything specific but I'll be going through and updating my 40 b4 40 very soon.



all the best for 2009 particularly on the mystery illness side. the cycling and the job bit sounds top class very captain green. nice1.

The Captain said...

Cheers dude, hope your lifestyle continues to give you pleasure.