Wednesday 14 December 2016


I love these awards where you are nominated by fellow bloggers. Earlier this year I was nominated for the Liebster Award which was a huge honour. To be recognised by other bloggers for doing something you enjoy is a wonderful thing.

I am humbled and proud to accept my Versatile Blogger Award nomination from Lorenza at Life and Stuff. Lorenza is new to the Blogosphere and she is already producing fresh and interesting posts about her life and her dog Buffy.

To get praise is a wonderful thing. People have said some lovely things about my work recently, it's really warmed my heart. I'm especially glad to have praise for my cartoons which I've always drawn since I first picked up a pencil and discovered the Beano.

Thank you all for your kind words.

Back to the award...

The rules are straight forward - VBA rules. I now have to list 7 facts about myself and nominate 15 other bloggers for the award. I'm going to bend the rules and only nominate 3 (not because I can't name 15, that would be easy).

7 Facts About Me...
  1. I almost always wear a hat outside. 
  2. I share a trait with Dan Aykroyd, Trisha Helfer, Ashton Kutcher and Joseph Stalin. 
  3. I once had a cartoon published (Star Letter) in the Dandy (British comic). 
  4. I know enough French to order a ham sandwich and a beer. 
  5. My second favourite film is "Brassed Off" - I've cycled through that village. 
  6. I once said "hello" to Eddie Izzard whilst he was running up City Road in Sheffield. He was running a bunch of marathons for charity. 
  7. I haven't left the country this century, I don't even have a passport anymore.
My nominations

The rules say 15 nominations (that's way too many), I'm going to bend the rules and pick 3. The 3 I've picked don't really fit into a category, and I like that.

  1. She Who Seeks - Debra blogs about life in Canada, she's genuine and a joy to read.
  2. The Rambling Person - Mark is a freelance writer and Banardos volunteer who writes about his battle with everyday life.
  3. A Beer for the Shower - These guys are the most famous people I know on the internet. Brandon and Bryan are writers, humourists, cartoonist and generally funny dudes.
That's my offering, hope you enjoy and thank you.

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