Thursday 22 December 2016


Watching or reading most Christmas media shows the build up to the big day as a pleasant experience where everyone smiles whilst shopping and brass bands play carols in the background. Is this a really the case?

I find shopping tedious and hellish. The crowds, the hassle, the greed and of course the expense. Am I really the poorest guy in the world? Obviously not but it sometimes feels that everyone around is spending so much with little to no consequence.
Shoppers in Meadowhall 
I've been out shopping a number of times so far and derived no pleasure from any of it (I enjoy online shopping much more). This was compounded on Tuesday when the car got a flat tyre. That's an unexpected expense I'm going to have to cover at some point. 

So what else about the Christmas period?

The night out/drinks with friends I went on last weekend was almost devoid of Christmas atmosphere with only 1 seasonal song heard all night.
Mr C and myself enjoying a Christmas pint
The Christmas build up seems to me to be a major disappointment to me.

Very little is said about the January 'hangover' when the bills come in. How do people do it? I'm guessing the ugly side of Christmas stays firmly hidden away from the tinsel laden image of the season.

Personally I'll be happy once all the shopping and chores are completed. The trouble is, unlike (seemingly) everyone else I'm also working right up to the big day. I hear often people say that they are finished work until January, I feel lucky this year as I have 5 days off over the period! Many of my colleagues will be working all the way through Christmas.

I know it all sounds a bit 'bah humbug' but I'm a little fed up of the glossy facade and just wish Christmas would become a bit more 'real'.  There's plenty to celebrate but let's all do it without to pressure to spend money a lot of us don't have. I mention Bob Cratchett in the title of this post because he was a hard worker who did everything in his power to give his family a good Christmas. I feel like Bob, I can identify with his struggle. My Christmas is hard earned and obtained through sacrifice and as such when the time comes I celebrate graciously.

Right, that's my Christmas rant out of the way, time to get on. Shopping won't do itself you know!

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