Sunday 25 December 2016


Well that's another year almost over, another year closer to the grave. So Christmas comes around once again and as always I find myself reflecting on the year behind me.

This year has, compared to other previous years has been pretty kind to our family. Don't get me wrong, it's not been overly generous either but at least we got through without any serious issues.

This year is the year I decided after 14 years of treading blogging water to give my blog some much needed attention. I feel my efforts have been rewarded and I have met some great blogging friends along the way.

Me with my daughters 
It's also 200 years since my ancestor (for unknown reasons) decided to change his family's surname to the one I sport today. Not many of my family are aware or are even interested in this fact but I love family history. His name was Robert and he was a shoemaker in Wolverhampton, I guess I'll never know why but I also find myself wondering if he ever pondered his descendants when made his decision all those years ago. I raise my glass to you great-great-great-great grandad, cheers!

So let's look at my year...

What I’m Remembering…
  • How the year started just after Morticia's PIP assessment. We were just putting everything together after bad news and things started to look up.
  • The summer was good. It was warm and fairly dry. We had some great days out. 
  • Celebrity deaths - This year there seemed to be quite a number of celebrities left their mortal coil. Some big names were in that list.
  • The fact that my job had been deemed 'no longer at risk' took the pressure off. 
  • Of course the Tour de France, the cycling highlight of the year. 
  • The Olympics - Everyone expected it to be a let down after London 2012. How wrong we all were, Team GB broke records and ended up coming 2nd in the medal table.
  • Star Trek's 50th Anniversary was a bit of a let down with very little done compared to the 25th. The movie 'Beyond' was (in my opinion) the best in the Kelvin series was the only new Trek this year.
  • My daughter honouring the heroes at this year's Remembrance Day parade (as an Army Cadet).
  • Double Welsh - Yes we went to Wales TWICE this year. So much fun!
Morticia & Me in Cei Newydd
What I’m Happy About…
  • No longer at risk at work.
  • Owning the car we used to lease.
  • Team GBs success in Olympics and Paralympics.
  • Reinvigorating my blogging efforts. 
  • Cycling up Holme Moss for the 2nd year.
At the summit of Holme Moss
What I’m Worried About…
  • My long term future. I feel like I'm treading water at the moment with no real goals ahead. 
  • The strained relationship with my daughter. I miss my eldest, I don't get to see her and it breaks my heart. She's 20 now and living her life, if she chooses to have us as part of that in the future we'll be here waiting. Since originally writing this Harley came home and is spending Christmas with us. It's the best Christmas present I could have wished for!
  • My health. No real reason except that males in my family are prone to health issues. I got a clean bill at my over forties checkup earlier this year. 
  • World affairs, what is going on? Right wing fanatics rising, xenophobia rife. Have we not learnt anything?
What I’m Annoyed About…
  • Brexit. I can't help feeling we are making a huge mistake.
  • The government seems to not have a clue with the direction of this country. Brexit, HS2 and the like seem to be costing huge amounts of money whilst people are struggling to just get by. The last 6 years austerity seems to have been pointless.
  • My attitude - I need to turn my frown upside down.
  • US elections - What the hell were they thinking?

What I’m Looking Forward To Next Year…
  • Another holiday in Wales - this time with my bike? 
  • New series of Star Trek and Doctor Who 

What I’m Dreading…
  • Another year of the same old. Sometimes life feels like treading water. I need to take control and enjoy this 'one time offer'.
  • Shift pattern disrupting my cycling again. I need to maximise my free time and make a little bit more time for me. 
What I’m Loving...
  • My dream of living in Wales. This keeps me alive.
  • Getting out on the bike. Ok, I'm not getting out as much as I want but those times out on the road are epic!
  • My youngest daughter's academic achievements. 
What I’m Planning…
  • Another trip to Wales. 
  • Tour de Yorkshire. I'm riding the attached sportive which comes to Sheffield this year.
  • Kicking up my cycling. As I've previously mentioned.
  • Buying a new bike? I can hope!

So as we all raise our glasses on this day of celebration let us all remember what today is about. I'm not talking about the religious aspects, today is more than that. It's a time for reflection, for family and to be thankful. We made it through another year. Tonight enjoy in whatever way you see fit. Indulge to the best of your abilities and forget the worries of the world just for the moment... 


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