Sunday 5 June 2016

1606.05 TOP TELLY PART 3

The final installment of my pick of current shows being piped into my television... 

Doctor Who
I've watched Doctor Who since I had eyes. What is there to say? I love it.

Angie Tribeca
An Airplane/Naked Gun style comedy that's actually quite good.

Celebrity Juice
Got fed up with this ages ago but with a live show to start the latest series off I ended up watching the rest and enjoyed it (again).

Have I Got News For You
Classic comedy current affairs panel show. Still good stuff.

Marvel's Agent Carter
A spin off from Captain America this show featured a strong female lead. Sadly the American tv execs have decided to bin it after 2 seasons.

Big Bang Theory
One of the most successful sitcoms since 'Friends'. What's not to like?

I thought this was going to be like 'Misfits'. If there's a season 2 I might just give it a miss.

Wentworth Prison
A reboot of the old Australian soap 'Prisoner Cell Block H'. With season 3 about to arrive in the UK this show is surprisingly great drama.

The Last Leg
Current affairs discussion with Adam Hills. One of the funniest and thought provoking shows on TV. New series from this week. 

The Secret Life of the Zoo
The only documentary on my list. Behind the scenes of Chester Zoo.

The Walking Dead
Gripping zombie action. I would like some progression towards an end game next season.

X Files
It was great to see this show revived after son long with the original cast. I'm still only halfway through.

Mock the Week
Another comedy current affairs panel show. 

This list isn't exhaustive, it's a selection of shows I've watched this year. 

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