Sunday, 12 June 2016


So apparently it's the European football championships or "Euros" at the moment which means as a non-football fan I'm having to put up with football talk all over social and regular media, mealtime chat at work and just football - football - football everywhere.

I'm not bothered that it's on the telly. It's not like the old days with 4 channels and 2 with football matches on, I have about 200 channels + Netflix to watch. It's just the constant bombardment that is going to make the next couple of weeks difficult. 

So as I just wait for next month and the Tour de France (my sport of choice) I watch the neanderthal football fans rampage through France (the hosts), smashing up bars and throwing bottles and chairs at the local police. Not really civilized is it? You never see riots at a cycle race.

There was a time I'd try and like it just to join in on the conversation but I'm getting to old for faking it just to fit in. Enjoy your game (and it is just a game) but please don't try and engage me in conversation about it. I don't really give a toss.

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