Tuesday, 14 June 2016

1606.13 FLAT CAP

My hair (at least the stuff on my head) said goodbye a long time ago. The stuff that's left I shave off. That's all good, I have no problem with it but what about the elements outdoors? The cold, the heat, the wind and the sun. Some time ago I decided I needed a 'do it all' bit of headwear that would protect against it all.

Baseball caps are not me. I'd look like a dick in a baseball cap. Fedoras or similar? No. Beanie hats are only good for the cold. What about the Norse helmet I wear in my cartoon alterego? Sadly I don't thing that would be socially acceptable even though I bet I'd rock the look. Then I tried the flat cap. When I first tried one on they weren't as fashionable as they have become recently so I was a little apprehensive. What do you know, it was perfect. Cool in the summer, shielding my delicate bonce from the sun and warm in the winter, protection from harsh cold weather.

Since that time I have amassed quite a collection. The latest was added this week. Morticia bought it for me from Camden whilst she was away last week.
My newest flat cap

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