Thursday, 23 June 2016

1606.22 ID4 - DOUBLE BILL

I've never been into the movie review business and I'm not about to start. If you're looking for an in depth look into the new Independence Day movie you're in the wrong place. I'll be doing my usual Movie Review in Seven Words at the end of this post.

I've not been to the cinema in an age which is a bad show on my part for two reasons; (1) I love movies, they are my music, (2) I have an Unlimited Card which I haven't been utilising (basically I've been throwing money away). Today I intend to break that cycle, when I heard that there was a double bill featuring the classic 1996 film Independence Day together with the new sequel, Independence Day - Resurgence, I jumped at the chance to reboot my cinema going ways.
I went with my best mate Mr C who picked me up (he has a company car). We weren't able to park in the complex (Valley Centertainment) car park as the neighbouring Sheffield Arena had Lionel Richie playing and complex security never stop arena patrons from parking (thus avoiding arena parking charges). We parked in my work car park which is only a short walk away (about 15 minutes). 

The original movie was shown in an extended version and really benefited from the big screen (I have the DVD but it's not the same). The credits rolled at about 23:30 which gave us 30 minutes to use the facilities and grab a second overpriced drink.
First movie ends
The new movie was in 3D and the most noticeable thing was the quality of resolution compared to the old one. The presentation finished just after 2am, we then had the walk over to pick up the car. By the time I got into bed it was 2:40, my alarm was set for 6:10am - I knew the next day was going to be difficult. 

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