Sunday, 19 June 2016


Father's Day in my opinion is a very important day. It celebrates male role models that are sometimes sadly lacking in some children's lives. I'm a firm believer that dad's are an important part of a person's life. Good dad's need to be celebrated and that is what today is all about.

Sadly I've not been on great terms with my dad for some years so today, for me, is just a 'one way street'. I'm not going to linger on the matter - let's just get on with the day.

I am lucky to be the father to 2 beautiful daughters. Anyone who's read my blog for a while will probably know that my eldest doesn't live with us anymore and is not in touch. This is solely her choice and we wait with a metaphorical open door. My youngest is poles apart, she is the light in my darkness and my hope for the future. She is a mature and caring young lady who makes me proud to be her father.

My morning starts with breakfast in bed. Rags insists even if I have to wait an eternity for it! My cards and gifts come next.

My little girl knows me too well. 
We had a little trip out later to Hathersage, had a walk around the church yard (quick visit to Little John's grave) before visiting the Scotsmans Pack Inn. Later, and closer to home, we enjoyed a carvery dinner. 

There are a couple of other pics over on my Instagram

I only wish my eldest daughter had elected to be part of today. Sadly, so far, I haven't heard from here. 

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