Thursday, 16 June 2016


I enjoy reading, however I struggle to get time to read. By the time I stop at the end of the day I tend to start dropping off to sleep. I read when I can which usually means grabbing an odd few minutes here and there, especially the meal break at work. To this end it's not really convenient for me to carry a physical book around with me. I am thankful for the chance to be able to carry a book around with me wherever I go. Smartphones mean I have all the books I ever need in my hand.

I have 2 apps on my phone for books, the Kindle app and I have an app that allows me to borrow and read books from my local library (Overdrive).

The Kindle Bookshelf
Some people I find get really snooty about ebooks stating the look, feel and even smell of 'real books' as the reason to snub them. Surely the point of reading is the words on the page? The story? I think the act of reading is the most important and the medium is only secondary. I usually find many of those people that cite this argument are sometimes the ones that rarely read. But let's look at the advantages;

  • You can read wherever you are, you always have a book with you.
  • You can buy/try a new book anywhere.
  • All the popular reading apps sync between devices.

Yes there is certain books, especially if you are a collector or there is a specific book you just need to 'have' to physically keep. I get that. But reading is reading and I use the format that suits me the best.

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