Thursday, 9 June 2016


Ok, I've been listening to the debates and to the opinions of others and I've made my decision. I've decided that I'd rather stay within the European Union. I don't like the idea of giving our government free reign to exercise their will over employees rights. Without the protection of the EU I believe that we could lose that protection. Not one of the 'Brexit' supporters has convinced me that there are any tangible financial benefits to leaving the EU, in fact I think there is a massive risk to be had. If Brexit wins we also run the risk if that dangerous buffoon, Boris Johnson becoming the next Prime Minister.

What convinced me the most was the interviews with the great unwashed on local news programmes and some of my less intelligent contacts on the book of face saying they wanted out because of those "bloody immigrants". That's the sign of someone who hasn't a clue about the real issues. 

I haven't a problem with anyone who votes out because they believe it's the right thing to do and have reached their decision after listening to the facts.
Anyway, I've submitted my postal vote now. I'm happy with my position besides I refuse to side with that imbecile, Nigel Farage and that prick, Michael Gove.

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