Sunday, 7 August 2016


I'm down south for a wedding of one of Morticia's family friends. If I'm brutally honest I'm not too enthusiastic about being here especially since I will be missing my cycling club's 100 mile ride to Humber Bridge tomorrow. To add insult to injury the Olympic Men's Road Race is on whilst the service is on (and apparently it's not appropriate to watch sports in church).

The day starts early. Morticia is taking the photos as a wedding present (since she has a half decent camera and a couple of weddings under her belt) so she's going to have to go over to the bride's house before for a few snaps.

11:39 - I'm sat in my car whilst Morticia and her mum are with the bride doing whatever they are doing. It's a hot day but at least my car has air conditioning. 

13:32 - In church. I've not got a lot invested in this event. I'm just thinking about the men's cycling road race which is happening in Rio right now. Physically I'm witnessing a wedding but mentally I'm willing on Chris Froome, Geraint Thomas or maybe even Adam Yates to win gold today. I've resigned myself that I'll find out the result before I see the race. 

15:39 - I just got back from the church. If I'm honest it wasn't quite as bad as I thought it was going to be.  If I'm really honest I quite enjoyed it. I just dropped the car back at Morticia's mother's (I dropped them off at the reception venue) now I'm going to walk back. It'll give me some time to myself before the reception (it'll be about a 30 minute walk).
20:16 -  The reception is in full swing and I'm actually enjoying myself. I even got to watch the Olympic Men's Road Race on my phone (although I was disappointed with the result - gutted for Geraint Thomas who crashed on the final decent). I'm going to enjoy the party. 

23:52 - And we're done. I'm exhausted. Didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did. 

I'm still disappointed that I'll be missing my cycling club's 100 mile ride in the morning. 

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