Monday 22 August 2016


I'm not really a massive sports fan, especially if the sport involves a ball. I love the cycling (as most know) but that's about it. So what is it about the Olympics that gets me watching sports I wouldn't entertain normally?

Back in 2012 when London hosted I was lucky enough to be working when the Olympic torch came through Sheffield. I managed the crowds at 2 separate hand overs (over 2 days). For my trouble I was awarded this medal (as we're many thousands of others that worked over those games). I'm immensely proud of this medal and it counts as one of my more prized possessions.
My Olympic Medal
I've watched the Rio coverage every chance I've gotten. Even whilst being on holiday I've caught up with the action. I've been amazed at how well Team GB have done.

Highlights? Hard to say since there were so many. The cycling was amazing and we were world beating. The Mens Kerin final with 2 false starts before Jason Kenny took the gold was nail biting stuff. Laura Trott became the most successful UK female Olympian. Mo Farah's double gold in the 10000 & 5000 metres was great to watch as was Usain Bolt's triple success. Really there was so many highlights, the hockey, the tennis, the cartwheels on a mat. There were few sports I didn't watch (I didn't bother with the football or the horsey stuff).
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Then there's Team GB's success. 2nd on the medal table is insane! Look at us, we're a few rocks off mainland Europe with a population of approx 64 million. Compare that to the 319 million in the USA and 1357 million in China. I'm so proud of our athletes.
In the cycling we beat the world.
I'm going to miss not having the Olympics to watch now, I have to say that the BBC coverage was amazing with 8 extra pop up channels dedicated to the summer of sport. And of course, being our public service broadcaster we got uninterrupted coverage without commercials. Thank you to them for bringing the whole event to my home.
This was our most successful games and hopefully is inspiring the next generation. Reports of sports clubs filing with new members, children inspired to achieve are being reported across the country. 

Can't wait now for Tokyo 2020!

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