Monday, 8 August 2016


Around the meal table at work the other day we were discussing childhood television and our favourite shows off the day. Of course there are quite a few a bit younger than me so their offerings were a bit recent or I'd not heard of them. Then someone (of similar age to me) mentioned "Monkey".
Monkey was a Chinese production which was adapted and translated into English and I think shown on BBC 2 in the afternoon. It followed a Buddhist monk (played by a girl) and the Monkey King as they ventured from China to India assisted by Pigsy and Sandy. I remember the next day at school we'd all want to play at "Monkey", acting out the fight scenes and hoping you didn't have to be Pigsy.  I do recall being very good at the cloud summoning finger blowy thing. 

It was an unlikely hit with kids of my generation giving them larger than life characters, some kung fu and a moral life lesson. What more could you ask for? Oh yes, it had an awesome theme tune too.

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