Friday, 12 August 2016


This week has been stressful. Preparations for our week's holiday has been the forefront to our activities.

As well as the packing and prep my thoughts are with a colleague from my team at work who was bitten by an unsavoury type whilst going about his duties (can't really go to much into this as there are strict rules about what I can share).

This morning we started by getting the car wash at our local Eastern European hand wash establishment.

Then Morticia made a few sandwiches for the journey...
...yes, we could probably survive the whole week on these.

The cases were finally closed. Morticia asked if I'd got enough underpants to which I pointed out that I only had 1 arse and had packed enough for a week and a half anyway. Morticia always packs for all weather and occasions, even though she'll probably only wear a third of what she takes.

Financial matters have been dealt with via online banking (so there will hopefully be no interruptions to our break).

The last job is to buy cat food (our cat, Angel, will be well looked after by Morticia's dad) and fuel up the car... all that is left is to shower and get to bed. Early start tomorrow.

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