Sunday 21 August 2016

1608.21 Mae fy nghalon yw yno, nid yma

We certainly had the weather last week, it's been glorious (although if I holiday-ed for the weather Wales probably wouldn't be the ideal location) with sun all week.

The place was a lot quieter than in previous years with the Penwig Hotel (located next door to our cottage) closed by 23:00 just about every night. We're not night owls so it's not a massive deal.

There were also a few less places to eat this year but we found the Penrhiwllan Inn (we had visited back in 2012) was under new management and did excellent food.
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The cottage we rent (same one as last year) was the perfect base, it probably wouldn't be to everyone's taste but it was comfortable, spacious and full of character. We penciled in a booking for next year whilst we were there.

I'm not a big drinker but I do like to try out local ales when I visit anywhere, this year I sampled these beers:
  • Orme (Gt Orme Brewery) 
  • Rev James (Original) 
  • Rev James (Golden) 
  • Brains Bitter
  • Cwrw (Evan Evans) 
  • Welsh Pale Ale (Evan Evans) 
  • Moho (Mantle) 
  • Welsh Gold (Gt Orme Brewery)
  • Double Dragon (Felinfoel) 
  • Ramnesia (Penlon)
One of the least wanted souvenirs I picked up this year was an ear infection that's meant I've had a little pain and a loss of hearing. Still, I haven't let it get me down.

We saw friends that we've made over the years, that was special. I realise that to us this is not a holiday, it's sampling a lifestyle that is our dream.

The journey home was long and the weather seemed to match our feelings.

What I fear the most is times like these will end one day. We almost lost them back in the mixed up years of 2013-14 but with hard work we got them back. I love this place with all my heart.

My goal, my dream is to live in this place (or near this place). Dreams do sometimes come true don't they?

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