Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Last post about my holiday I promise (maybe not but I'll try).

We've been visiting New Quay (Cei Newydd) in Wales now for 12 years. This year we reminisced about something that happened on our first visit. We were only staying for a long weekend (it was some sort of special offer from a newspaper) and I remember how excited Morticia was at the prospect of seeing dolphins in the wild, it's something Cardigan Bay is famous for. We had a great weekend but by the last day (and after a boat trip) we still hadn't seen any dolphins.

Morticia still tells the story of how she was alone on the pier (I think I was in the cafe with the kids) looking whilst forlorn looking out to sea. At that point she was approached by an elderly couple who consoled her saying that they had been coming to New Quay every year for over 40 years and had never failed to see dolphins.

Sure enough just a short time later the dolphins appeared just off the pier. I've surmised that this elderly couple could very well have been us travelled back in time to advise the young Morticia.

So I might be needing a time machine in about 20-30 years. Any ideas where I might get one?

An impression of what might have actually happened

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