Tuesday, 9 August 2016

1608.09 PACK and PREPARE

My holiday is almost upon us and all that is left to do is prepare and pack. For me this is easy, get my clothes out and chuck em into the suitcase. Then buy the supplies we will need such as the toiletries and food. Easy! Not for Morticia, she's stressing about the whole affair. Ok there's making sure the laundry is all done (I do my share with that) and the cat is catered for (Morticia's dad will be popping by to feed and check on her). If we all remain calm everything will just fall into place ready for our departure.
My daughters on our first visit to New Quay,
Wales back in 2004
We are off to Wales as we have done many times before. In fact, except for a couple of years in 2013-14, we've visited the same place every year since 2004. People often judge us on this fact but it's a place that invokes a certain feeling of contentment and inner calm that I never experienced anywhere else in the world (or at least the bits I've been too). 

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