Saturday, 5 March 2016


I've finally finished repairing and refurbishing the vintage 80s bike that was involved in a collision with a car a couple of years ago. I've accented the yellow more with yellow 'camouflage' effect bar tape which I've double wrapped over the previous tape to give a more comfortable grip. I've put on the better lights I bought after the last accident and added a hi viz cover for the bag that goes on the rack. The brakes have been updated to complement the new wheels which are of the modern 700c standard (replacing the 27inch old standard).

I've rode it a few times and initially I was unsure that I was going to get along with it. The bike is VERY heavy (my other bikes are aluminium or carbon fibre) and handles very differently. I took the first couple of rides very steady. It's taken a few goes to get used to friction shifters again, it becomes fluid eventually.

Hopefully we will have a long and happy relationship.

The Commuter Machine