Sunday, 6 March 2016


This time last year it was a very different day, this year unfortunately I'm working and without enough leave to get the day off any do anything special.

Earlier in the week I took Rags shopping, she wanted to buy her mum a 'Me to You' bear ornament (that Morticia collects). 

The day started with breakfast in bed made by Rags with a presentation of gifts. Morticia loved her bear together with the champagne and flowers. 

I sorted the dinner ready just to turn on as required before I left. My day consisted of working whilst Morticia and Rags enjoyed a cuddlefest on the settee watching movies. 

The missing piece was the notable absence of our eldest. There was no card, no text, not a word. 


chocolat lover said...

its good that Rags & Morticia had a great day...

...hopefully your eldest will get back in touch soon.

Eileen said...

Shame you didn't manage a day out, but sounds like you made it special for mum and daughter. Such a shame about your eldest, I hope she would have thought about her Mum just a little.