Thursday 31 March 2016


Years ago, in what seems like another lifetime, I used to drive a bus (in fact it was many buses). I passed my PCV licence back in 1995 but since 2006, and a change of career, I haven't had call to use it.

The licence for large vehicles has to be renewed when the holder gets to 45. Since that age is creeping up on me fast I have a decision to make.

Fast forward to today. I knew it was coming, it wasn't unexpected but seeing it is still a bit of a sting. The form from the DVLA was waiting for me when I got back from my Easter trip. As well as the form to fill in I'll need a medical report completing for the renewal.

So here's my dilemma. A medical report will cost me upwards of £50 to obtain. So do I shell out to renew for a licence I haven't used for 10 years as a 'back up'? Or do I let it lapse? After all I don't use it, and am I likely to get use from it in the future (plus the renewal only lasts for 5 years)?

Supplemental 1604.01;
Just before I set off for work I received this email response from the DVLA regarding the question as to whether I could reinstate my driving entitlement once it has lapsed. Here's what they said... 

Dear [CaptainKirt] 
Thank you for your email received on 1/4/16. Your email reference number is ********.
I can confirm you would not be required to re-take your PCV test.
When you are ready to apply for your renewal you will need to complete a D2 and D4 application form in order to do this.
I trust I have answered your enquiry.

So it's good news. I still can keep my entitlement 'on ice' until I potentially need it, then take a medical to reinstate it. 


chocolat lover said...

hhhmmmm thats a tenner a year...

...the big question is can you see yourself going back to bus driving again?

does the renewal have a date that it has to be done by?

And what is the cost if you have to start the process again from scratch?

What does Morticia say?

sorry about all of the questions :)

The Captain said...

It needs renewing by my birthday which is just over a month away so I haven't got long to think. I don't want to ever go back to driving buses, it was a stopgap that turned into a rut but it's also been a safety net. Starting from scratch wouldn't be cost effective so that probably wouldn't be an option. I'm currently discussing it with Morticia but she's been ill this week so we haven't had much chance.

Eileen H said...

I have a little motto I use and that's if in doubt, don't do it. Up to you of course but looks like you can renew if and when you need to. Hopefully you won't ever need to.

The Captain said...

It's all sorted now.