Saturday, 26 March 2016

1603.26 GUEST HOST

Years ago Angus Deayton was fired from the comedy panel show 'Have I Got News For You' following some scandal I can't remember. Since that time the show has been presented by various guest presenters.

Although this has worked out for this show I'm getting a bit bored with the trend of using guests to front a show when the main presenter leaves (for whatever reason). HIGNFY gets away with it because it has regular team captains who carry the continuity, something other shows don't have. Recently 'Bargain Hunt' went down this road and this weekend James Martin finished a 10 year run on Saturday Kitchen and the show is set to also.

I wish programme makers would take a chance and chose a new presenter to front these shows. Without a regular personality the shows are just empty vessels with no substance trading on past success.


Eileen said...

I agree, Bargain Hunt is not the same with the guest presenters even though they are all familiar faces.

My hubby enjoys Saturday Kitchen and will be sorry it has ended, I'll have to let him know!

The Captain said...

I agree, used to enjoy Bargain Hunt. When they changed presenters last time Tim Wonnacut made it his own. Now it's just a shell of a programme.

Saturday Kitchen has promised to continue with guest chefs presenting,again not the same.

chocolat lover said...

I used to enjoy Bargain Hunt too ;o)

I have never watched Saturday Kitchen