Monday, 7 March 2016


Most Mondays we (Morticia & myself) visit our local pub, the Green Dragon for the last hour (or so). It's usually pretty quiet which suits us. This Monday we were there as usual, the girl behind the bar was telling us about a bloke in the other bar who was going on about something or other over and over. After a short time this bloke asked (through the gap between the bar) if he could speak with me. I obliged and joined him in the other room. He then went through some concerns he'd had because of a meeting with the benefits people that morning. I advised him to speak with them in the morning.

Over the rest of the evening the chap went 'round every customer in the pub. At the end of the night I offered to encourage him to go home. Part of my job is being able to communicate and I used my skills to get him out of the door.

About 15 minutes later I went out to the car park (to check for the girl behind the bar if her lift had arrived). I found that same bloke with his head inside a car speaking to the driver. I spoke to him again and encouraged him to get off home, I witnessed him this time leave the car park.

Later, as we were leaving the pub, we saw him again stood on the street on the other side of the pub wall. When I got home I rang 101 and got my Rotherham colleagues to check on his welfare. He was well known to them and I'm confident that they looked after him.

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Eileen said...

Some people have issues, are lonely and desperate to talk with anyone who'll listen, then they get perceived as being a pest. Well done for checking that he was alright.