Wednesday, 23 March 2016


Before I begin I have to say I'm not wanting to say anything bad about Sport Relief. It's a brilliant cause that does good work. My niggle is with celebrities that give "their time" to get involved in a sporting challenge. They then appear on TV in all the gear which will have been provided free of charge by the manufacturer (free advertising). I'm not criticising the likes of Eddie Izzard who's magnificent efforts are truly legendary. I'm talking about your newsreaders and comedians who get to have fully supported access to major challenges.

If any 'ordinary' person wants to do something similar, even for charity, there is usually a major outlay on top of any fundraising. Even a basic charity cycle sportive can cost upwards of £20. Then you have to provide the equipment etc.

I would love to cycle coast to coast or something like lejog but the cost is just so much it may never happen.

So that's my rant about the privileged getting free stuff in the name of charity. Jealousy does creep in to this, I want to do a lot of those cycling challenges but I fear I will never get the chance. It's still a cause worth giving to, I just would love to get in on some of the action. 


chocolat lover said...

I totally agree...

...I also get fed up with "celebrity" programmes where the contestants just muck about and are only there because their agent told them it would be a super idea!

Eileen said...

I agree with you too. Of course if people were to sponsor you the money would have be for the charity not the gear!