Thursday 17 March 2016

1603.17 CYCLE-IST

Every workday (almost) I ride my bike to work. When I get there I put my bike under the stairs at the side of the entrance (there are numerous entrances). I've done this since we moved to this building last August. I'm not the only one, there are a few of us.

The organisation I work for have in the past run the Cycle to Work Scheme (you know the one where you get to lease a bike through your employer, tax free, and buy it at the end) which I have used. They then decided not to continue citing admin costs. In comparison the NHS has a continuing programme running.

I don't need to tell anyone about the benefits of cycling to work, the health benefits, easing congestion (imagine all of those bikes you complain about each day getting behind the wheel of their cars and driving) and think about the parking spaces.

Imagine my feeling when on my bike a found this note;

The note
Yes, there is a new cycle rack in the car park. Yes the lock is a tool so there is no argument. So what is my problem? For the last (almost) 10 years I've had the luxury of having a secure place under complete cover to store my bike. I don't like to think about tying my bike to a semi-covered, not fully secure location for 8 hours a day. I have made an investment in lighting which would be time consuming to remove every time plus the pannier bag and camera tech etc.

Most people (except the other cyclists) don't get why I've got an issue. Most commuting cyclists have to park in similar racks, some don't get racks and have to tie up to street furniture. Still I feel like the organisation doesn't like cyclists, the bikes were not in the way and causing no issues, so why spend the money to put our machines out in the rain?

Supplement 1603.20; I've located an outside storage area where I can keep my bike out of the way. It's not ideal but better than that awful rack. 


Eileen H said...

I can totally see your point, that is annoying. Years ago, husband used to cycle to work and had the cycle pump stolen, he admits he forgot to remove it. Perhaps you could put your concerns in writing to the powers that be!

The Captain said...

I've managed to find a new place to put my bike. I've updated the post with the details.