Friday, 25 March 2016


The government cuts to the public sector have been deep and brutal. Us the survivors have to try and build on what's left. Part of the process of losing colleagues is the obligatory leaving do. Tonight we wished "good luck" to 3 of the girls who are starting new jobs or transferring to new teams.

I've not been one for social events especially since my life flipped a few years ago. I decided in the end (after quite a bit of soul searching) to attend although I was also doing a taxi run for Morticia and Rags so I wouldn't be drinking alcohol (see previous post).
My work colleagues with me (I'm the horizontal one)
It's always a bit weird seeing your work mates in their own duds. The thing that took me by surprise was that I really enjoyed myself, I can't emphasise that fact enough. I didn't stay past 10pm, I had my taxi duties to attend to but I think I'd had enough and I'm sure as the drunkenness progressed a gulf would have opened up.

It was good. Maybe I'm ready to enjoy this sort of thing again.


Eileen said...

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself after all. Proves that alcohol is not necessary to have fun!

chocolat lover said...

Im glad that you enjoyed yourself ;o)

James always avoids social occasions...

...whether they be work or not!